Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there no prices for your packages?


There are no prices in the packages because every event is different from the other. No need to charge you for items you are not using. I cater to every event to create a unique experience. 

Do your packages come with lighting?


All event packages come with some type of dance floor lighting which is typically 4 LED lights. The Platinum plus package also comes with 12 LED up lights in the color of your choice and intelligent LED moving head lights.

What type of music do you play?


I will play any type of music you request. Most music selections and genre are picked prior to event by customer.

How do you accept payment?


I accept cash, checks, all major credit cards or debit cards. You can pay online by this website on the "Make Payment" tab or via Paypal.

What do you require for a deposit?


All Dj Packages require 50% deposit. This can be done by check or online thru the website. 

Does the DJ also act as the Master of Ceremonies?


Yes,  I will DJ and also be your professional Masters of Ceremonies. I  will make announcements throughout the evening based on your requests. Furthermore, I will make sure your guests enjoy their time on the dance floor.